Birdbrain – Monday’s Finish the Story

This is week two of a new flash fiction site – Monday’s Finish the Story You’re given a picture and the first sentence. You build a 100-150 word story. Join in, it’s easy  and fun. My story starts after the picture prompt.

2014-10-13-bw-beachamThe people waved at him from the bridge below. Responding to them had been his downfall, and now he lay in a hospital bed wishing the nurse would come and top up his morphine. Every muscle and joint ached. More than just ached, they punished him for every twitch, every blink, every breath and even thoughts of moving.

Why did he ever think he could fly? He was convinced he could. And he did…for all of five minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Everything would have been okay if he hadn’t tried to show off. It was then he and the rocks below had a violent and very painful introduction and all the pain was his. The doctors said he was lucky. It could have been worse, they said.

He felt a sneeze coming and moaned in pain. ‘If only I hadn’t tried to do that loop-the-loop around the bridge.’

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Shiny Smiley


If, like me, you’ve been wondering why your smiley face hasn’t been showing up in your comments on WordPress, this is why– They’ve changed how you do it. Thanks Alastair :)

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To Remedy the Situation – Scribe’s Cabe #42

Written for The Scribe’s Cave a place where fiction dwells. Pop over and add your piece of flash fiction based on the picture. You only need 50-200 words and you’ll be warmly welcomed by the Cave Mistress.


“I would have thought its use was obvious.”

Captain Henry cringed as the Detective began clicking its incisors again. “The Female Remedy is just that, Captain. A remedy for the invaders.”

“Invaders? I don’t understand. What invaders? Are you’re saying this is a time tunnel?”

No, Captain Henry, I said it was a travel tunnel—one between worlds.” The Detective dipped a talon in the liquid, tasted it and spat violently on the floor.


“From what I’ve been able to ascertain from the composition of this…mixture,” the Detective laid the bottle flat on the ground, “is a slow but extremely potent poison.”

“To poison women?”

“No Captain. To poison the male population of Earth. Once that is completed, the invaders will arrive and take over. They intend to use the females of Earth to remedy the population shortage on their own planet.”

The Captain wasn’t sure whether to believe the Detective or not. However, given that it never joked…

“Do you know when will this invasion happen?”

“I will need to think on it for a time, but yes, I will be able to tell you.”

Author’s note: The idea for this story came from the last sentence of the Cave Mistress’s own story and current WIP. She very generously let me use the characters in her post to continue the story a little further.

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The Hunt is On – J’Sharn’s World Episode 22

There’s a new kid on the Flash Fiction block – Mondays Finish the Story. Started by Babs over at Life in the Foothills For those of you who can’t get enough flash fiction, now you have another snack to keep your internal wordsmith happy.

You’ll be provided with a photo and the first sentence. The rules are simple – finish the story in 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. So, take a big dose of creativity and have a go. Be sure to include the photo with your flash and add a link to your story by clicking on the little blue linky guy.

10-1 (boats going to beach)

The team headed toward the island not sure what they would find when they arrived.

‘Aliens? C’mon Colonel, are they kiddin?’

‘Ours is not to reason why, Jenkins.’

Jenkins snorted, ‘It’s the ‘do or die’ bit that worries me.’

The four Zodiacs pulled into the cove and the crew ran low to the cover of the trees.

‘So what exactly are we looking for Colonel…little green men?’

‘No, just one specific alien.’

‘You mean J’Sharn?’

‘I believe that’s his name.’

‘Sir, look!’ Jenkins pointed to the path leading down from the headland.

‘That’s the girl. If we can get our hands on her…’ Wainwright signalled to the others to keep hidden.

Andrea walked to the water’s edge, and took off her shoes and socks. The water felt so good, just right for a swim. As she turned, a hand clamped over her mouth and she felt a sting on the back of her neck. She kicked and swung her arms and then everything went black.

Author’s note: This is part of an ongoing serial. If you want to know more, you can read the start of it here.


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You Just Have to be Patient – Blog Hop Story

I haven’t participated in the Blog Hop for ages, but I just couldn’t resist the cuteness of the first photo.
If you want to participate, here are the rules:
1) Use the two photos in your story.
2) Keep your word count 500 or less.
3) You have until next Tuesday night to link up your story.
4) Use the Blue Link to add your story at Leanne’s or Debb’s websites.
5) Have fun, don’t stress, and let those creative juices flow!

Six pairs of eyes stared at me through the glass door. All of them set in incredibly cute faces. Well, I was not going to be intimidated; I was going to do the gardening without them and that was that—nothing would change my mind.

I resolutely turned my back on them and reached for my purple and black gardening shoes. ‘That’s odd…I’m sure they were here last night.’ I thought I heard a snicker, but when I turned around all I saw was six pairs of eyes staring at me through the glass door.

Do you think she knows?

Of course she doesn’t, she’s a human…she’s not smart enough.

But if she finds out, we won’t get any treats.

Yes we will, you can just look at her with those cute puppy dog eyes of yours and she’ll be putty in our hands.

I don’t have puppy dog eyes!

Of course you do Jazzy…you’re a puppy.

Oh…I forgot.

Grrrr…sometimes I wonder why I try to train you lot in espionage.

Shhh, she’s coming inside.

Right, you lot…keep together now. Just shuffle backwards like I taught you.

‘Have you seen my gardening shoes, Buddy?’ I reached down and scratched the velvety ears of my youngest fur child.
gardeningshoeNot one word, Buddy, grrr, not one word.

‘What’s wrong with you this morning Trevvy, did you get out of the wrong side of the doggy basket.’ Trevor was the oldest of my six fur babies and if I didn’t know better, I’d say he ruled the others like a sergeant major with a bunch of raw recruits.

I looked around the sunroom. There was no sign of my missing shoe. ‘I wonder if I left it in the laundry after I cleaned it.’

Okay, now when she comes back, you scratch at the box, Tessa, bark and run towards her. Then go back to the box and bark again.


Because the shoe is in the box, and we want her to think we’ve found it for her.

Oooh, all right, Trevvy…

Grrrr, don’t call me Trevvy; I hate it when I’m called Trevvy.

Sorry, Trevv…um, Trevor.

She’s coming, she’s coming.

‘What is it Tessa? What are you so excited about?’ I went over to where Tessa was scratching at a box and reached down to check but thought better of it. ‘You haven’t found another garter snake have you?’ I hatedsnakes, but thankfully, the only ones we found around here were garter snakes. Occasionally, one would get inside if the kids left the back door open. Tessa kept scratching at the box and wagging her tail. I leaned closer.
‘Oh Tessa, how clever of you! You’ve found my shoe. Good girl, good girl. Now, on with the gardening.’ I paused at the door, ‘oh, all right, you can all help me. But no digging!’

Well done, young Tess—go to the top of the class.

Thanks Sergeant Trevor.

See, I told you humans could be trained. You just have to be patient.  


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Tracking into Fear – Sunday Photo Fiction

Each week, Alastair Forbes offers one of his original photos to all Wordsmiths who like a challenge. This week’s photo is no different. You can join in the fun and add your story and read some great flash fiction at Sunday Photo Fiction. My story appears below starts after the photo.

Railway tracks

This is bloody ridiculous! We’ve been walking for hours along this blasted track.

‘I heard that James.’

‘Heard what…I didn’t say anything.’

‘You didn’t have to.’

James felt his heartbeat quicken. He’d forgotten about Leo’s ability to read thoughts. Supposed ability he reminded himself.

Leo sighed, ‘James, we’ll get there when we get there. Grumbling and swearing about the situation isn’t going to make it happen any sooner.’

Alternating between wanting to walk ahead of Leo to see whatever it was they were looking for first, and walking behind him in case whatever or whoever it was they were looking for was less than friendly. Then again, if he walked ahead of Leo, who’s to say Leo wasn’t the danger. Maybe it would be safer to walk behind him…maybe.

‘You’re getting paranoid James.’

James frowned. Was it just his imagination, or were the tracks vibrating? A few minutes later, he decided it definitely wasn’t his imagination. The tracks were vibrating—seriously vibrating. And humming—loudly. Everything screamed at him to get off the tracks, but his legs refused to obey his brain.

‘Relax James. Just take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.’

Even as Leo spoke, James felt the track drop away and send them hurtling into an abyss. A wave of vertigo washed over him and he threw up. All around him, white lights pulsed and he was vaguely aware of Leo saying, ‘He’ll be okay.’

And then he blacked out.

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Manor of Dreams – Scribe’s Cave #35

Written for The Scribe’s Cave.  All you need is 50-200 words about the picture prompt to take part. My offering begins after the picture.



Jess loved this old manor house, despite its state of disrepair. There were dozens of rooms where she and Daif, her grandfather’s stable boy, spent hours exploring and going on quests. She never wanted things to change.

Orphaned when she was eight, she’d been sent to live with her grandfather, whom she adored. He’d indulged her and allowed her to run wild but climbing down a rope to the stairs had turned the rest of his hair grey. ‘Jess, you’re almost twelve. You have to stop leaping and climbing like a boy, you need to grow up.’

Jess laughed. ‘Oh grandfather, I’m never growing up.’

This was her castle and the only other place she loved as much were the stairs overlooking the mist shrouded valley. She’d been climbing down ever since she’d been old enough to tie a rope around the balustrade and swing down to sit on the stairs and listen to the wild birds calling to one another and dream dreams she knew would probably never come true.

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