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Green Death – J’Sharn’s World – Episode 20

The Cave Mistress posted a new photo prompt. You can check out the rules of the game here. Come on, the cave is quite safe – join in. My story begins after the photo.

Disney Wild

The green crept closer and crept again. It towered above the hut surrounding it from all angles. The sound of the water grew to fever pitch and intruded into Andrea’s deep slumber. She sat bolt upright gasping for breath; shivering as the breeze chilled her sweat-soaked shirt and hair.

J’Sharn’s force field kept everything out except wind and light, but right now, Andrea wished it also blocked the breeze. Still, when the sun reached full strength in a few hours, she knew she’d be grateful for the breeze.

The nightmare came rushing back and she started shivering again. The last thing she remembered about their old hut were the four Super Cobra attack helicopters heading down the river towards her before Simon yelled for her to run and J’Sharn’s circle of light expanded and caught her mid jump as their hut exploded behind her.

Simon hadn’t been seen in months and she missed him desperately. J’Sharn disappeared during the night and she was alone. ‘Please come back, J’Sharn, I need you.’

Suddenly the familiar soft tinkle of bells echoed in the cave. No J’Sharn appeared, but it was enough to calm her, and she knew he’d be back.

Author’s Note: Some readers have requested links to the other episodes of J’Sharn’s World, so without further ado, they’re listed below. These are really only rough drafts, so they may not necessarily be in their final order.

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Fate on a String – VisDare 51: Carefree

Put on your thinking caps; it’s VisDare time again. The rules are simple. Just write a story of 150 words or less to go with the latest photo then add your link here. Newcomers are always welcome. 


Photo Source

Joyce laughed into the camera as her bicycle flew past me. Her hair and coat tails flowing out behind her in the wind. My heart lurched as I watched her steering the bike with just hands and feet as carefree as if she were taking a stroll through the park.

My editor had sent me to Greenfield to interview Joyce before her big adventure. Joyce was a wing walker and as I looked across at her plane standing near the hangar, I decided she was more than just a little crazy. This was no biplane favoured by wing walkers of the 1920s; it was a fixed wing plane – small and light – way too small for what she was going to attempt.

If she succeeded, she would make front page. If she failed, she would still make front page, but for all the wrong reasons and she would be forever carefree.

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By the Light of the Silvery Moon – J’Sharn’s World – Episode 19

Every Sunday, Alastair shares one of his photos as a prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction. To join in, click here to check out the rules and leave a link to your literary masterpiece. My story—another snippet of J’Sharn’s World—begins after the photo.


Andrea shivered as she and J’Sharn made their way along the ridge towards their destination. If not for the full moon rising over the mountain range ahead of them, they would have been in complete darkness.

J’Sharn paused to allow Andrea to catch up. “You are well, Andrea?”

The young girl drew in a ragged breath and nodded before dropping to the ground and resting her head on her knees.

“Drink.” J’Sharn thrust a crystal flask into her hands. “Just a few mouthfuls.”

Andrea took the lid off and took a cautious mouthful. Her eyebrows tried to do a disappearing trick into her hair.

J’Sharn smiled. “Unusual is it not.”

Unusual …” Andrea grinned and took another mouthful, “it’s like a three-course dinner.”

“That is exactly what Simon said.”

“Is Sim okay?”

“He is with Merea,” J’Sharn replied, as if that explained everything. He reached out and pulled Andrea to her feet. “Come, the moon is well risen; we must reach the cave before the satellite passes overhead.”

“They’re never going to stop hunting us are they?”

“It does not matter, they will not find us again Andrea.”

“You’re sure?”

J’Sharn nodded, “I am sure.”

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Sock it to Me – Wednesday Blog Hop

It’s Wednesday Writer’s Blog Hop time again. To add your 500 word offering, hop, skip or jump over to Blog Hop Photo reveal and check out the rules then add your link to the little blue froggy thingy. My story begins below the photo.

pile of washing

“It’s done a bunk…again!”

“What’s done a bunk again?” Sophie asked. Not that she really cared, but any diversion from her homework was welcome. Sophie was convinced her science teacher was three sandwiches short of a picnic. No sane person asks, “What is light? – No scientific explanations please”.

“What’s done a bunk again?” Sophie repeated hopefully.

“Huh? Oh, err…Annabelle’s sock. That makes eight of them; eight socks in a week. Why can’t your sister tie them together before she puts them in the wash basket?”

“Which one?”

“Soph, we only have one wash basket.”

Sophie rolled her eyes, “I meant which sock?”

“A sock is a sock; it goes on either foot. As socks goes, it’s completely ambidextrous.”

Sophie sighed, “I didn’t mean which one as in left or right; I meant which one as in pink, blue or primrose.”

Jane waved a lone sock in the air. “One just like this – blue of middle hue with green and red tartan thingummies around the top.”

“Have you looked under her bed?”

Her mother raised an eyebrow, “Would you look under Annabelle’s bed?”

Sophie grinned. “Not without a whip and a chair. You never know what you’re likely to find.”

“Ahh, you’ve notice.”

“Mum, I share that room her; I take my life in my hands every time I go in there.”

“It is rather like an obstacle course at times isn’t it.” Her mother said with a laugh. “But that still doesn’t tell me where the other sock is.”

“Perhaps Quintraine captured it and is holding it for ransom.” Sophie said without much conviction, while at the same time trying to ignore her science book, which was eagerly flapping its pages at her.

“Quintraine who?”

“Mum! Surely you haven’t forgotten our evil archenemy.”

“Oh, that Quintraine, I’d forgotten about him. By the way, what happened when I was zapped into the ‘zone of the unknown’?”

“I didn’t get there… I ended up on Trillyan and met up with an old friend of yours – Joshua Wolf.”

Her mother groaned. “It’s not fair, why couldn’t I have been zapped there.”

“Well for a start, you did the zapping; it was your imagination that put me there.”

Her mother grimaced, “I forget sometimes that I’m doing the writing and that…”

Sophie looked hard at her mother for a moment. It wasn’t like her to say things like that. She must be tired.

Jane threw the offending sock into the washing machine. “Perhaps I’ll be lucky and you’ll multiply. And as for you Missy, you have homework to finish.”

Pleased to have an empty wash basket at last, she decided to have a well-earned coffee. As she walked past the laundry door, a patch of blue caught her eye. She did a double take and stared in disbelief at the washing basket. There lying at the bottom was one lone sock – blue of middle hue with green and red tartan thingummies around the top.

“I definitely need that coffee.”

Coffee and grinder

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Black Gunner – Sunday Photo Fiction

Once again, Alastair has given us another great photo prompt to create some flash fiction. All you need to do is pluck a mere 100-200 words from your imagination. Fly on over to Sunday Photo Fiction and join in the fun.

February 16th - Raven

Do not let that sign fool you. It may say ‘Please keep off the grass,’ but that is only half the story. You see, the sign is replaced every morning – a clean if somewhat dull dark olive green with white lettering.

“With a white figure covered with a half-crossed circle” I hear you say.

Ahh my friend, that’s where you’re wrong. That figure is only painted on the sign after Thor has claimed his first victim.

Do you see the gardener lurking over there under the tree pretending he’s not taking any notice? He has a couple of tins of paint and some brushes hidden in the bushes. He waits for Thor to fly over to him and ask for his special treat and then he paints the figure on. By the end of the day, you’ll see a dozen or more figures – all with the same red half-crossed circle on top of them. You see, Thor dive bombs anyone who dares step on the grass and snatches a few strands of hair from their head before taking them to the gardener.

You might say that sign is Thor’s notched gun.

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Renewal – Scribe’s Cave #8

The Mistress over at the Scribe’s Cave has given us a rather scary photo prompt. Write a piece of flash fiction 50-200 words in length and post your link over at The Scribe’s Cave My story begins after the prompt.

Old Pool Table

“This place gives me the creeps.” Jack looked around the room and shuddered.

“It should,” Thomas looked up from measuring the walls. “it was a morgue.”

Jack’s jaw dropped. “And you intend to live here?”

Thomas grinned. “You have to admit, it has atmosphere.”

“You’re insane!”

“Funny you should say that, because the whole building was an insane asylum.” Thomas picked up an axe and swung it. Jack watched as the pipe on the end wall fell to the ground with a loud CLANG.

“You are going to get rid of that…that table aren’t you?”

“Nope.” Thomas grinned. “It’s staying. Cleaned up with a false top, some holes drilled and a layer of felt, and you have a pool table.”

“You have got to be kidding!” Jack was convinced his friend should be locked away.

Thomas looked at him seriously. “No. I’m not kidding. This place has caused so much pain and sorrow over the years, I’ve decided to make it into a haven for the homeless – especially those suffering from a mental illness.”

Jack looked at his friend with new respect. Losing his younger sister to suicide had changed him – for the better.

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