Story a Day – Classic Story Starter

The Prompt for Story a Day was: Begin your story with the line: “Huh!” He said. “I never would have thought that would fit in there…”

© Passiflora70 | - Shoe giant and little man

© Passiflora70 | – Shoe giant and little man

The Legend of Bigfoot.

“Huh!” He said. “I never would have thought that would fit in there…”

Jennifer laughed. “You have no idea just how well it fits. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Mike shuddered as George went flying through the air. “You’re one formidable woman.”

“You’d be wise to remember that, Mike, dear,” she said running a fingernail under his chin. “I enjoy working with you, I’d hate anything to change that.”

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Story a Day – Story behind the Picture

The Prompt for day 18 of Story a Day is “Write the story behind the picture.”
You can pick a favorite picture, or use one of the pictures linked to the prompt. I’ve chosen one of the provided pictures.

Story a Day - Wurlitzer ad artSarah watched as Marcus and Eloise danced together. Her heart swelled as she saw how happy he was. Ever since Marcus lost his wife Helen, he’d been in a world of misery and pain.

She began to see a slight change in him when his little daughter Penny came home after six months in hospital, and he threw himself into making her happy. She still worried about him and often found him sitting in the dark after Penny went to bed.

And then Eloise came into their lives. She was the district nurse who visited twice a week to make sure Penny’s recovery was progressing. The little girl fell in love with her, and it wasn’t many months before Marcus began to smile again.

Sarah knew Helen would remain in their hearts, and she would always miss her younger sister, but seeing Marcus and little Penny so happy was enough for her.


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Story a Day – Inspired by Real Events

Today’s Story a Day prompt is, write a story ripped from the headlines, or a “duck on a skateboard” moment, which is what newspapers call a quirky story that was “also in the news. “

This was an easy one. About twenty years ago, I read a newspaper article that was definitely quirky. I cut it out and put it in a file for future reference, but alas, most of my writing idea files have been lost during several moves. My story for today’s prompt is based on that article titled “It’s a Real Cloak and Dagger Affair”

(c) Felix Mizioznikov -

(c) Felix Mizioznikov –

“Aunt Agatha wont be pleased when she receives the wedding invitation.” Thomas Dagger grinned as he kissed his wife.

“Darling, nothing pleases your Aunt,” she looked up from sealing the final envelope. “But this is James and Emily’s wedding, and whether or not she approves, or even likes the idea of a themed wedding is irrelevant.”

They both turned as the young couple in question charged into the room laughing and brandishing plastic handguns. They chased one another around the room, ducking behind chairs, and tables and the curtains.

“You’ll never escape from me, you blaggard!” Emily threw a cushion as James ducked behind his parents.

“You’ll never catch me you…you Mataharry, you.” James caught the pillow and threw it straight back.

Emily collapsed on the lounge laughing. “James, it’s Mata Hari, not Mataharry.”

“Some spy you’d make, James my boy,” said his father, picking up a fallen chair.

James threw himself down on the lounge next to Emily. “This wedding will be an absolute hoot, darling.”

“I bet no one has ever had a spy themed wedding before.”

James pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “Well, I don’t think there are too many engaged couples whose real names are Cloak and Dagger.”

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Story a Day – Write a Twitter Length Story

Today’s Story a Day in May is not be as quick as you think it might be, but it’s still a great way to hone your writing skills, especially when you’re trying to stick to a specific word count.

The prompt:  Write a Twitter story that fits into only 140 characters.

© Andrius Repsys -

© Andrius Repsys –

I’m a singer—was a singer.

My mother always said, “The early bird catches the worm.”

She was right. This one dropped off a branch into my throat and now it’s stuck there.

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Story a Day – Rewrite First Person Story from Last Week

Today’s prompt for StoryADay  is “rewrite your first person story from last week.”  Oh great, thanks Julie, as if I didn’t have enough trouble with the first person version.

© Mike Heywood |

© Mike Heywood |

Landebert du Bosc-Roard looked down from the upper floor balcony to the courtyard where Japheth Houndstooth languished in stocks.

“So tell me Lord Bosc-Roard, what did Japheth Houndstooth do to earn your wrath?” the reporter from the Bosworth Herald asked.

Bosc-Roard turned and gave him a bland smile. “Japheth Houndstooth has a reputation in the village for being something of a teller of tall tales and the perpetrator of April day fool’s tricks, even when it isn’t the appropriate day.”

“But surely, a few tricks won’t harm anyone.”

“Sadly, some of Bosc-Roard’s pranks caused no little consternation—like the time he hung the blacksmith upside down after nailing his boots to the rafters. The poor man fell out of his boots headfirst into his water barrel and almost drowned. Or when he tried to heat his tankard of Malmsey over a dozen candles in the tavern—the tavern burnt down.”

“But surely that is between the village and Japheth and should not involve you, my lord.’

“Perhaps, but when the man tried to seduce my wife, my patience ran out.” Bosc-Roard stared down into the courtyard again. “This is a matter of honour. It will not harm him to suffer a few indignities.”  He clapped the reporter on the shoulder, “and imagine the tales the fool will tell when his time in the stocks ends. He has the ability to spin anything into a tale of daring-do where he is the ultimate hero.”

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Story a Day – The Sidekick

Day 14 of Story a Day in May. Today’s prompt is Write a story that includes a sidekick. I think I’ve found the perfect picture to go with the prompt:)

© Larry Gevert -

© Larry Gevert –

Gralapo from the galaxy Oppleoopoo spun around as he heard a raucous voice yell,

“Back, back, back…down ya shark livered varmint!”

He blinked at the strange-looking creature in front of him. He’d never seen anything like it. It had strange red hair covering its head, and unlike his own smooth triangular face, this one was round, with a strange helmet on its head.

“Greetings human,” Gralapo chimed. “I come in peace.”

The red-haired creature stared at him with huge round eyes. “I’m Yosemite Sam, and I don’t stand for no peace…I’m giving you ten seconds to draw your gun.”

Gralapo waved his hand and the creature collapsed on the grass. “You’ll soon change your mind red-haired stranger. You and I will be the best of travelling companions.”

A few weeks later, Gralapo and Sam landed on Delton 5 – a planet consisting mostly of deserts and wild high mountains. They set up a boundary and waited, and waited.

“We need to be careful Sam of Yosemite; the inhabitants here are not very friendly.”

Sam looked out the view port and cursed as a gangly six-limbed monstrosity charged towards their spaceship. “Great horny toads…a trespasser gettin’ footie prints all over my desert.” He pulled his six-guns out of their holsters and took aim.

“No! No! Sam. The boundary fence will stop them—weapons are not needed.”

Gralapo waved his hand and Sam’s weapons flew into the air.

They watched at more of the six-limbed inhabitants appeared and the boundary fence began to disintegrate.

Gralapo dragged Sam back to the spaceship, threw him into his seat and within seconds, they were through the gravitational pull of the planet.

Tension remained thick on the flight deck as they travelled back to Earth. Gralapo wondered how he’d been so wrong. He was sure Sam of Yosemite would make a good sidekick in his galactic travels. Sadly, it was not to be.

They landed on the edge of the forest, and Gralapo deposited Sam on a moss-covered rock.

“Farewell, Sam of Yosemite. I am sorry things didn’t work out for us.”

Sam jumped up and down as the spaceship slowly rose into the air. “Come back here you muley-headed maverick. I ain’t finished sides kickin’ yet.”






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Story a Day – Villain as a Mirror of the Protagonist

It’s Day 13 of a Story a Day, and the prompt is, write a story in which the antagonist or villain shows the reader what your protagonist could easily become if they gave in to their flaw.

© Veremer -

© Veremer –

The previous day had been a long one; the enemy’s attack had been sudden and violent, leaving half the team either dead or critically injured—all of it the work of Maljesko, The Raven.

Colin woke to find an unkindness of ravens filling the front lawn; he could feel the rage building. Maljesko always taunted after a major attack; always leaving a calling card. He pulled his gun and fired as he ran down the steps, shooting four of the ravens without even thinking. Laughter sounded behind him.

He spun around to see a huge white raven perched on the porch railing and watched in horror as it morphed into Maljesko himself.

“See, you and I are not so different, Corlin Tarbenko.” Maljesko’s accent churning his stomach as it always did.

Colin pointed his gun at Maljesko, “I am nothing like you, Maljesko. You are a cold-blooded killer who delights in the mayhem and deaths you cause.”

Maljesko stepped down from the porch and laughed again. “You think we are not alike?” he gestured behind Colin. “Then why have you just murdered four innocent people in anger?”

Colin spun around and stared in horror. Where once there had been four dead ravens, there were now four dead bodies—two men, a woman and a young child. He let out a strangled cry as he realised his rash behavior had overcome his training again.

“You let your anger rule you Corlin. You killed and you killed in delight.”

Colin threw his hands over his head as a raven suddenly swooped on him. He turned to face the house again, but knew Maljesko had already gone.



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