A Frustrating but Blessing Filled Week

exhausted-dreamstime_xs_7330524Finding myself in our hospital’s emergency department ten days before Christmas week wasn’t one of the things on my “to do” list, but that’s exactly what happened. My asthma had been troubling me for a couple of weeks, and my doctor had upped my medication the previous Friday, yet Monday saw me back at the doctor’s with a severe asthma attack and from there in hospital when my blood oxygen levels dropped to 87%.

“I can’t be here! I still have Christmas presents to buy.” I grumbled (okay, gasped) through the mask supplying both Ventolin and oxygen. The nurse gave me a look that implied I had not only lost my ability to breathe properly, but my mind as well. As they kept adding Ventolin to my mask every ten minutes and checking my blood pressure every half hour, I visualised myself spending Christmas in hospital.

One of the emergency department doctors rocks up (very pleasant on the eyes he was too) to check me out and orders an x-ray (to check for pneumonia), blood tests (to check for secondary infection in my lungs). Mid morning transformed into mid afternoon, and then early evening. X-ray results showed nothing scary – no mutant slime aliens trying to take up residence – just the usual results expected for an asthmatic. Then those words I was waiting to hear…”We’re going to send you home.” Yaaay! I resisted the urge to jump up and down on the bed. “But I want you to go back to your doctor on Wednesday to make sure you’re doing okay.”

That was fine by me. A few days rest and I should be right as rain. But the doctor wasn’t finished with me quite yet. “I’m going to give you a script for some steroids. We need to get that inflammation in your lungs down.” Oh goody, I thought, I can grow a beard and have muscles like Arnie. I knew that wasn’t really going to happen, but I hate being given even more medication than I’m already taking.

Fast forward to Friday. I’ve been good — very good. I’ve rested. I’ve taken my medication. I’ve been using my “puffers” and my nebuliser but my doctor isn’t happy with my progress. She decides do change my medication. “I think you need something stronger.” So, Flixotide replaces Seritide (both are asthma preventers, but one has more cortisone in it). It always seems strange to me to take a “preventer” when you already are having trouble with your asthma. It’s sort of like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

I decided not to ask her if it was all right to spend the rest of the day shopping — I knew what she’d say. Hey, there are three shopping days left until Christmas and I have eight grandchildren to buy for — nine if you count my youngest daughter’s baby boy due in May. There’s no reason for him to miss out.

To be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to going to the shopping centre and trying to find a parking spot three days before Christmas. I drove into the underground car park and there were cars, cars and more cars. Lots of them parked where they shouldn’t be. It didn’t bode well for finding a spot, but every place I had to go to, I found a disabled parking spot right outside the level I needed to go to — every single time. There was no coincidence – disabled parking spots are rare with only four or five on each of the five levels. My Heavenly Father was looking after me!

After two hours shopping, I began to droop well and truly and figured some lunch was in order to boost my flagging energy. I still had two presents to buy, but after lunch, decided I’d no more energy left and decided to go home. I’m so glad my son-in-law was there when I arrived home; he helped me carry my parcels inside and made me sit down and put my feet up. It was then I discovered one shopping bag was missing. I started to freak out. “Give me your keys and I’ll go check the car,” said my son-in-law. He was back within minutes and shook his head. “Sorry, nothing in the car.”

If I’d been wearing boots, that’s where my heart would be. The missing shopping bag contained shopping vouchers and babies clothes – over two hundred dollars in all. I was close to tears and my son-in-law suggested I make some calls to the stores I’d been in. I did – nothing. No, no shopping bag  had been handed in. Then as I sat feeling completely miserable, I saw myself putting the shopping bag on the shelf above the wash basin in the ladies’ restroom. Time for another phone call; this time to shopping centre management. I told them where I thought I’d left the bag, and then waited while they transferred me to the concierge desk closest to the ladies room. After explaining to the young lady on the phone what had happened, I was overjoyed to hear her say, “Oh yes, we’ve had a Typo bag handed in. A lady and her little girl said they found it in the ladies restroom.” I think I started crying at that point, and thanked her. She was bright and bubbly and continued, “You don’t need to rush down now. We’re open until midnight, so take your time.”

So, in a week that started out badly, and gradually became worse, there were many sprinklings of wonderful blessings. God never ceases to amaze me how much He loves me and cares for me. Is it any wonder they call Him, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

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17 Responses to A Frustrating but Blessing Filled Week

  1. Leanne says:

    Oh my goodness, Lyn! How frustrating and wonderful all at the same time. My heart sunk for you when you realized your shopping bag was missing.😦 After all the running around on new meds and your body trying to heal mixed with the joyful adrenaline that comes with shopping for loved ones…

    I am SO glad you found it, and the lady on the phone was an angel! To be so nice and understanding. There’s something about those words “Take your time” that offers such reassurance and relief.

    Anyway, praise God everything ended well. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas… and a restful one.:)

    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Leanne. Yes, realising that shopping bag was missing certainly caused the heart rate to go up. I had a wonderful Christmas. My grandchildren were an absolute delight to be with — so much fun😀

  2. AR Neal says:

    Praise God! My heart was sinking so fast as I read this and then, wham! A blessing! Thankful that it worked out and praying for your healing!

    • Lyn says:

      Oh yes, what a blessing indeed! Not just finding the shopping bag, but all those parking spots a few days before Christmas! Well, how can you not be grateful?
      Thank you dear Andree, your prayers are much appreciated.

  3. firnhyde says:

    Shame, Lyn!! Glad you’re out of hospital at least. Praying that you’ll get well soon.
    Ha! Christmas shopping. *groans* I love giving people stuff, but I really, really suck at buying good presents. This year was marginally more successful than before, however. Maybe there is hope for me😉

  4. muriellerites says:

    Glad things turned out relatively well for you. You might look into on-line shopping. The best to you and your family in the New Year!

    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Muriel. I did all my Christmas shopping on line a couple of years ago – it was great. I think I might have to do it again next year. Either that or buy something every other week. My best to your for 2014 also.

  5. Ste J says:

    It’s always a relief to find out you don’t have mutant slime aliens. Life is strange, bittersweet and certainly one heck of a ride!

  6. rgayer55 says:

    Who was it that said you have to experience some rain before you can appreciate the sunshine? I’m glad your stay at the hospital was short and that you got your bag back that was left in the restroom. But most of all, I’m glad to see your kept a positive attitude and counted your blessings. May God continue to bless you.

  7. Lynn, What a story! Glad you are doing better and that you got your package back. Seems like every family we know had at least one member in the hospital right before Christmas. My hubby, who has been in & out 7 times since July with various surgeries and procedures, was just diagnosed with central nervous system Lyme disease. It really explains everything that went on since July. He finished a month of IV antibiotics, the PICC line’s out, and we’re looking forward to a quiet New Year’s Eve at home. Blessings, Donna


    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Donna. Yes, God is good. Oh I do hope the new year is a better one for both you and your husband. May God bless the year ahead with His joy, peace, love and contentment.
      Lyn xx

  8. writetowag says:

    Oh Lyn, I am so sorry to hear you were in the hospital…I pray the meds start to work beautifully with NO side effects and may our Father wrap his arms around you and make the inflammation disappear!!!! Thank you Lord for watching over Ms.Lyn and returning the bag back to her…I am blessed from your story…Thank you!!!!

    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Writetowag. Yes, I’m glad I didn’t have to stay in hospital so close to Christmas. Actually, the new “puffer” had some nasty side effects. After three days use, I had a throat infection and the glands in my neck ballooned. I swapped back to my old “puffer” and after another three days, the infection and swelling went away, praise God! We had bushfires just up the highway from us and they lost 200 homes. It’s not so much the smoke from the bushfires, but the smoke from the houses burning with all the plastics and other chemicals that causes the problem. My poor son in law is also an asthmatic and he’s been ill since the fires too. Thank you for your prayers my friend xx

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