Sock it to Me – Wednesday Blog Hop

It’s Wednesday Writer’s Blog Hop time again. To add your 500 word offering, hop, skip or jump over to Blog Hop Photo reveal and check out the rules then add your link to the little blue froggy thingy. My story begins below the photo.


“It’s done a bunk…again!”

“What’s done a bunk again?” Sophie asked. Not that she really cared, but any diversion from her homework was welcome. Sophie was convinced her science teacher was three sandwiches short of a picnic. No sane person asks, “What is light? – No scientific explanations please”.

“What’s done a bunk again?” Sophie repeated hopefully.

“Huh? Oh, err…Annabelle’s sock. That makes eight of them; eight socks in a week. Why can’t your sister tie them together before she puts them in the wash basket?”

“Which one?”

“Soph, we only have one wash basket.”

Sophie rolled her eyes, “I meant which sock?”

“A sock is a sock; it goes on either foot. As socks goes, it’s completely ambidextrous.”

Sophie sighed, “I didn’t mean which one as in left or right; I meant which one as in pink, blue or primrose.”

Jane waved a lone sock in the air. “One just like this – blue of middle hue with green and red tartan thingummies around the top.”

“Have you looked under her bed?”

Her mother raised an eyebrow, “Would you look under Annabelle’s bed?”

Sophie grinned. “Not without a whip and a chair. You never know what you’re likely to find.”

“Ahh, you’ve notice.”

“Mum, I share that room her; I take my life in my hands every time I go in there.”

“It is rather like an obstacle course at times isn’t it.” Her mother said with a laugh. “But that still doesn’t tell me where the other sock is.”

“Perhaps Quintraine captured it and is holding it for ransom.” Sophie said without much conviction, while at the same time trying to ignore her science book, which was eagerly flapping its pages at her.

“Quintraine who?”

“Mum! Surely you haven’t forgotten our evil archenemy.”

“Oh, that Quintraine, I’d forgotten about him. By the way, what happened when I was zapped into the ‘zone of the unknown’?”

“I didn’t get there… I ended up on Trillyan and met up with an old friend of yours – Joshua Wolf.”

Her mother groaned. “It’s not fair, why couldn’t I have been zapped there.”

“Well for a start, you did the zapping; it was your imagination that put me there.”

Her mother grimaced, “I forget sometimes that I’m doing the writing and that…”

Sophie looked hard at her mother for a moment. It wasn’t like her to say things like that. She must be tired.

Jane threw the offending sock into the washing machine. “Perhaps I’ll be lucky and you’ll multiply. And as for you Missy, you have homework to finish.”

Pleased to have an empty wash basket at last, she decided to have a well-earned coffee. As she walked past the laundry door, a patch of blue caught her eye. She did a double take and stared in disbelief at the washing basket. There lying at the bottom was one lone sock – blue of middle hue with green and red tartan thingummies around the top.

“I definitely need that coffee.”

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12 Responses to Sock it to Me – Wednesday Blog Hop

  1. rgayer55 says:

    What a nice slice of daily life. As long as there are socks some will always come up missing. I’ve heard theories that the dryer eats them, but havent been able to verify it. If that grant ever comes through from the government I promise to spend night and day working on it until we have a definitive answer!

  2. Love it Lyn! It brings to mind a picture of one footed aliens. Ha, haaaa! I too have my own theory as to where they run off too… Please feel free to erase the link if you find it a shameful solicitation…I will not take offense. I look forward to your next adventure…

    • Lyn says:

      LOL thanks, Donna, I’m glad you liked it.
      No, no, it’s not shameful solicitation at all. I just popped over and read it. LOL what a hoot!!!

  3. Lyn, you do dialogue writing so well that I start to picture the characters clearly as I read.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  4. Sally says:

    Oh the elusive sock! Great story.

    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Sally. LOL yep, the elusive sock. I put all my granddaughter’s odd socks into a net washing bag one day and ended up with a collection of 27. Where the others are is anybody’s guess.

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  7. Leanne says:

    This is such a cute story! I love the happy ending… the partner sock is found! That rarely happens at our house. Haha!

    You are such a great writer! Your stories bring a smile to my face.🙂

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