Fate on a String – VisDare 51: Carefree

Put on your thinking caps; it’s VisDare time again. The rules are simple. Just write a story of 150 words or less to go with the latest photo then add your link here. Newcomers are always welcome.


Photo Source

Joyce laughed into the camera as her bicycle flew past me. Her hair and coat tails flowing out behind her in the wind. My heart lurched as I watched her steering the bike with just hands and feet as carefree as if she were taking a stroll through the park.

My editor had sent me to Greenfield to interview Joyce before her big adventure. Joyce was a wing walker and as I looked across at her plane standing near the hangar, I decided she was more than just a little crazy. This was no biplane favoured by wing walkers of the 1920s; it was a fixed wing plane – small and light – way too small for what she was going to attempt.

If she succeeded, she would make front page. If she failed, she would still make front page, but for all the wrong reasons and she would be forever carefree.

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19 Responses to Fate on a String – VisDare 51: Carefree

  1. Skye says:

    I love this, Lyn!! It makes me want to say, “Wheeeeee!” Wish she had suction cups on the bottom of those sneakers…..I love a happy ending!! 🙂

  2. draliman says:

    Good luck, Joyce! Of course she can only make the attempt if she doesn’t fall off her bike and break her leg first🙂

  3. I love the characterisation you’ve taken from the picture. You’ve worked a story from it really well and the ending leaves a real feeling of bated breath.

  4. Nailed it. I love everything about this entry. You captured it all so well!

  5. Aileen says:

    She’ll succeed!🙂

  6. writetowag says:

    Hi sweet Lyn!!!! An amazing photo to write from…You really encapsulated Joyce’s carefree spirit and yes she really looks like a wing walker…Loved it!!!!

  7. jedau says:

    I’m really rooting for Joyce to succeed, even though I doubt she would care what the outcome would be. Brilliant characterization! I especially loved how you set the whole story up. Great job!

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