More than a Ripple – J’Sharn’s World

Each week, Alastair posts one of his photos as a flash fiction prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction If you’d like to join in the fun, pop over to his website and have a go — you only need 200 words.

My offering this week starts after the photo — a whisker over the 200 — sorry Alastair.

more than a ripple

It was barely perceptible. Just a ripple at first, but then the wave slowly grew, alerting him to the arrival. “He’s on his way, Sir.”

The General turned to face the water. “I don’t like it. How do we know we can trust him?”

Matthews shrugged, “We don’t. But he made it clear what would happen if we didn’t meet with him.”

The sphere rose up out of the water; pulsating slightly before vanishing. The man standing before them was well over seven-feet, and had a presence that unnerved them. The General’s heart sank. All his plans dissolved with the morning mist. There would be no pushing this one around.

“My name is J’Sharn,” he smiled, “but you already know that. I’m here to discuss the release of my friends.” J’Sharn held up his hand to forestall any arguments. “This is not negotiable.” his voice was soft, but there was no mistaking the undercurrent of menace.

“I thought you said, ‘discuss’.”

“That is correct. I will tell you how it is to be done, and you will agree. At that point, our discussion will be complete.” J’Sharn caught a flicker of movement to his left, and immediately the sphere formed around him again, shimmered slightly and vanished. A voice hung in the cold morning air. “An extremely ill-conceived plan, General. There will be no further discussion.”

The General waved down the troops that moved towards him from the tree line.

“I did warn you General, you shouldn’t…”

“Spare me the platitudes, Matthews. This isn’t over by a long shot.”


This is a snippet of a much longer story. If you’re interested, you’ll find the first episode here

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11 Responses to More than a Ripple – J’Sharn’s World

  1. Fascinating Lyn, now I am going to have to go back and read more. You can’t beat a good sphere can you. Did you ever read Arthur Porges The Ruum?

  2. Al says:

    I’d missed J’Sharn and his adventures🙂 Good episode. Silly General.

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