The Nightmare Continues – J’Sharn’s World Episode 21

Written for Today’s Author – Write Now prompt. Anyone can join in the fun so click on the link and check it out. The only real rule is you have to use the current sentence prompt somewhere in your post. My story begins after the photo.

© Luis Louro |

© Luis Louro |

As she prepared to board the bus, she was frozen in her tracks when she recognized the man getting off it. Her heart almost leapt out of her chest and she ducked behind the obese woman to her left, and not for the first time, was she grateful for her small stature.

The man scanned the area, his eyes seeking – resting fleetingly on every child. He was good at what he did, and the scan was over in seconds.

The line moved towards the bus, and Andrea kept to the woman’s right out of the man’s line of vision, edging slowly ahead of the woman until she was able to leap onto the bus and push her way to the back seat.

The last passenger on board, the doors closed and the bus started moving. Andrea couldn’t resist looking out the back window as the bus turned the corner. The man turned at the same moment and began running after the bus.

The bus moved towards a set of traffic lights and began to slow. No, no, keep going, keep going! The bus turned the corner and the driver slammed on the brakes as a truck suddenly stopped in front of them.

Andrea flew to the front of the bus, “I need to get off; I’m going to be sick.” Her hand flew to her mouth and she made retching sounds. The driver pulled the lever to open the door and Andrea tumbled down the steps and ran towards the abandoned warehouse. Once inside, she crouched behind a broken wall and watched as the bus moved off down the road. She stood and let her breath out in a rush then ducked down behind the wall again when a car spun around the corner and overtook the bus. A man jumped from the front passenger seat and waved the bus down. He leapt on board and a moment later exited and headed at a run towards the warehouse.

There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. She was trapped. Unless…What building was she in? What was it before it was the warehouse? The old bakery—the flour store—in the basement. She could hear the man searching for her at the far end of the warehouse. She didn’t have much time. There had to be a trapdoor somewhere…or stairs.

“You may as well come out Andrea, I know you’re in here.”

Andrea had the insane desire to yell, “Catch me if you can you jerk,” but settled for thinking it.

It has to be here—has to be! Desperation was beginning to set in as she moved towards a corner deep in shadow.

The man hunting her was getting frustrated and threw something across the room. She turned around—that sounded close. Before she could move, a pair of hands pulled her into corner. One of them clamped over her mouth and her arms were pinned to her sides. She struggled; terrified as she felt herself lifted off the ground and pulled back into the darkness.

‘Andi, stop it! You’ll get us both killed.’

————————————————————————————————————-                             This forms part of a larger piece of fiction. If you’re interested, you can find the first episode Mint Juleps and Little Green Men here.


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18 Responses to The Nightmare Continues – J’Sharn’s World Episode 21

  1. mickdawson says:

    Looking forward to the next instalment… Mick

  2. firnhyde says:

    Can’t wait for the next instalment!😀

    • Lyn says:

      Thanks Firn🙂 LOL I’m not really sure what’s happening next. I need to figure out who has just grabbed Andi and pulled her into the shadows. It’s not J’Sharn, because he would have just popped the globe around her and “whoosh,” they’d be gone. So, hmmm…

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